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About Rob Burriss

I am an evolutionary psychologist and most of my research is about human attraction (more about my research interests). I also produce the Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast.

What I've done and where I am

Robert Burriss

In July 2016 I joined the Psychology Department at Basel University as a postdoc to work on the project "Processes in Romantic Relationships and their Impact on Relationship and Personal Outcomes" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Between 2013-2016 I was an Anniversary Research Fellow at the Psychology Department at Northumbria University, and between 2011-2012 I was at the University of Stirling, where I was a postdoc with Craig Roberts and Tony Little, researching the effects of the contraceptive pill on partner preferences and relationship quality. In 2010 I completed a 20 month postdoc in David Puts' lab in the Anthropology Department at Penn State. I received my PhD in Biological Sciences in 2007 from the University of Liverpool, where I studied under John Lycett and Tony Little. I've also taught at the University of Liverpool and the University of Chester.

More about me

You can view my CV and my Google Scholar. I produce the Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast and post text versions of every episode on my blog at Medium.com. I republish some of my blog posts in Psychology Today, and used to post on The Conversation, and Science of Relationships.

I have been interviewed about my research a number of times, and you can find some of those interview over on the research page. You can find more general interviews about my career and research interests at Psych2Go and The Psych Files.

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I blog about new research on the psychology of attraction. Here are the most recent posts.

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