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Societies that support research in evolutionary psychology and related disciplines.

  • EHBEA: The European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association »
  • HBES: The Human Behavior and Evolution Society »
  • J-HBES: The Human Behavior and Evolution Society of Japan (日本人間行動進化学会) » J-HBES website
  • NEEPS: The NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society »
  • AEPS: The Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society »
  • Journals

    Journals that publish research on attraction / evolutionary psychology.

  • Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology » AHBP website
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior » ASB website
  • Evolution and Human Behavior » EHB website
  • Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences » EBS website
  • Evolutionary Psychological Science » EPS website
  • Evolutionary Psychology » EP website
  • Frontiers in Evolutionary Psychology and Neuroscience » FEPN website
  • Hormones and Behavior » H&B website
  • Journal of Evolutionary Psychology » JEP website
  • Personality and Individual Differences » PAID website
  • People

    People who study attraction, mostly from an evolutionary perspective.

    • Lynda Boothroyd » website
      Faces, attraction and parenting, body size preferences, health preferences.
    • Lisa DeBruine / Ben Jones »
      Faces, health, after effects, mate choice copying, attraction.
    • Barnaby Dixson » webpage
      Facial hair, body shape.
    • Kristina Durante » personal webpage
      Consumer behaviour, female instrasexual competition and the menstrual cycle.
    • David Feinberg »
      Voice and attractiveness / dominance.
    • Steve Gangestad » webpage
      Human mate choice, evolution of mind.
    • Martie Haselton » webpage
      Biases in judgement, intersexual conflict, hormones, human mate choice.
    • Toko Kiyonari » webpage
      Human cooperation, cheater detection, ingroup bias.
    • Carmen Lefevre » webpage
      Faces, skin colour and health/attractiveness perceptions.
    • Tony Little »
      Faces, attractiveness and individual differences.
    • Fhionna Moore » webpage
      Reproductive decision making, female status.
    • Dave Perrett » Perception Lab
      Face king.
    • David Puts »
      Vocal attractiveness, dominance, hormones and the brain.
    • Craig Roberts » webpage
      Olfaction, genetic heterozygosity, attraction, hormonal contraception
    • Tamsin Saxton » webpage
      Developmental psychology and attraction, odor, faces.
    • Todd Shackelford »
      Sexual conflict, jealousy, infidelity, sperm competition.
    • Ian Stephen » webpage
      Faces, skin colour, health, cross-cultural research.
    • Randy Thornhill » webpage
      Sexual selection, symmetry, female sexuality.
    • Lisa Welling » Welling Research Lab
      Faces, hormones and mate-choice, mate-retention, partner resemblance.
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